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Homelessness & Tent City Statistics.wmv

For the Education to the Public! Unemployed people report that being unemployed is one of the worst things that can happen to them On June 16, 2010, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released its 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress. One of the most interesting findings in this study was that, while there was a decrease in the number of homeless individuals, there was an increase in homeless families on the streets & in Tent Cities. They have no options in sight. According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, there is a great increase for housing aid, especially for families, in every region of the country, due to the spike in job losses, foreclosures, and returning disabled veterans [Homeless] numbers are rising. Last year's count was up nearly 11 percent from the year before, including a startling 50 percent rise in the lakeshore counties, according to the Michigan State Homeless Management Information System, a program aimed at better assessing how many are without a residence. 150,000 homeless people in Ohio? Why that's the population of Chattanooga, Tennessee. People, need to discern: that people who fall into poverty from losing a job-has its causes and effects...and how hard it has become to get a job. As well as the people getting the help...are legit and are in need. So before we past judgement on the homeless, think about the joblessness in Ohio or any other state...and rememember that an alarming 82% percent of homeless people, were middle class people... In tent cities...the Middle Class are either without a job or part time work which only allows "some" food, clothing & necessities. Not enough to pay whole months rent. One video I saw here on Youtube, someone asked why Tent City People have cells phone? Think about the comparison between $500 a month rent...and a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone at $24.00 a month & the part time worker only make $200 a month? Thanks & We at Veterans & Citizens Group Watch hope you enjoyed the Video! Pictures (Internet & Myself), Video Footages (Youtube, News) & Information Via many Statistical News, Government & Other Sources & Music By: Mitisyaha-One Day (feat.Akon)
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