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Hello Everyone and Welcome to our family friendly site. We are making changes on the site to make it more user friendly.  If you will click on Tutorials on the tool bar you will see videos showing you how to use the site.  If their is something you want us to do a video about just send us a private message and we will be glad to do it.

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Anything that you post has to be original content.  That means you wrote it.  It is fine to gather information and write about it in your own words.  If it is posted elsewhere on the web,  then explain a little bit about what the information is and post a link to it.  If it is on your own blog or someone else's site this gives a backlink which is a good thing.  If you repost information word for word it hurts the website it comes from and this one in the search engines because of duplicate content.  So if you wrote it, post it.  If it is elsewhere on the web give a brief description and post a link to it.  We run everything through Copyscape and if it is posted elsewhere we remove it and post a link.  Please save us the time it takes to do that.

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